Ultius.com Review

Ultius.com – a close look to the one of the oldest custom writing sites
Among all famous writing services Ultius claims to be the most beautiful one. Many critics and clients were attracted by its appearance. It I time to uncover the site’s possibility to do its work – satisfy clients with excellent paper. Do the beauty and convenience mean professionalism? Read my review and you will get an answer.

The art of client attracting

Owners of this writing service probably decided to dazzle the clients from very beginning. Even now, among thousands of competitors the company is keeping the plank of site building higher than others. The design is modern, attractive and simple at the same time. Everything seems to be in its places. You will easily find any information you need. However, the further surfing through the site reveals more and more defects. The testimonial page does not seem to be real. I will never believe that a company has got only positive reviews. In my opinion they have written all posts by themselves. Just read the couple of them and imagine a real person who writes such sentences and you will understand what I am talking about. If you need more proofs, you can visit their Facebook page and see that no everything is so smooth. They try to save the situation by turning on two side entertainments: blog and sample pages. Blog is rather interesting and useful to read and the sample pages may be helpful for clients lost in hesitations.


What services they offer

On the site you can choose from a standard range of academic papers:

• Essays
• Dissertations
• Research papers
• Thesis
• Editing Services
• Business writing

Unfortunately, there are not so much unique or rare types of writing available. So if you need help with something very special, this site is probably not for you. As for the guarantees, they offer regular terms of use: 100% confidentiality, on time paper without any plagiarism, possibility to get your money back and wonderful support.

Pricing policy of the company

Everybody knows that a reasonable price for academic writing is a key to client’s heart. It appears that ultius.com is not everybody because they charge too much. Just imagine, for one page of an essay, they will ask to pay from $18 to $80.
Business gets worse with the business writing: the top price for a page of CV or assignment essay is about $170. The situation is being worsened by the total absence of any discounts.

The level of their writing

I had to order an essay of the college level. Unfortunately, I was not able to have a conversation with my writer, so there was a lot of misunderstanding. The support did not do its best. They were absent in chat for the majority of time, so the process of conversation lasted for days. These factors lead to the poor quality of the paper. It was ok, if we talk about structure and grammar, but when I read it through, I understood two things: I have got an absolutely amateur as a writer and he was not from the English-speaking country. The language of the essay was not scientific. I asked for the revision and spent a lot of time proving its necessity. All in all, I had to improve the paper by myself.

Unsatisfactory conclusion

I think my Ultius review show that design and site building matter nothing when we talk about academic writing. Of course, the site’s appearance and filling play a certain role, but the quality of writing attracts more clients. Unfortunately, this company just proved the old saying: first impressions are most lasting, but last are most important. Looking at the prices and the quality of paper I got, I am afraid I cannot advice using this site to anyone.