Writemyessayonline.com Review

An honest Writemyessayonline.com review: all you need to know before making an order

This is a review on the site writemyeayonline.com. I decided writing it because the service is not well-known, and I could not find any trustable opinions about it. To say honestly, the site deserves everything you will read lower.

Is it convenient for surfing through?

The problems with the service begin just after the start. I have to admit, the design is pretty good, and there is no “call to action” banners that always get me mad. The site contains everything that you need from the service: all needed guarantees are represented:
• Terms And Conditions
• Privacy Policy
• Information about Refunding
• Confidentiality Policy
• Rating of Writers
However, if you look closer, you will find some interesting things. First of all, look at the testimonials; they all have the highest rating and every piece consists of words “cool”, “great service”, “wonderful” etc. According to my great experience with the services, there is no site with all clients fully satisfied, so I suspect they moderate their own testimonials unless they write them. I cannot say this is a unique situation, but still, it is funny. Secondly, I could not find a pricing page. Moreover, it does not exist for unregistered users. The only option to know the price for your paper is leaving them your email.

And if you do it, you do not need t be a genius to guess: they will send you millions of emails with different offers and suggestions to place an order. A for me, such situation crosses all possible borders. Well, you may also stop looking for the service page, there isn’t anything like that; however, it is easy to see what they are ready to do if you select the type of paper drop-down menu. Well, at least they can write many different kinds of works: beginning from any type of essay and ending with separate paragraphs of the dissertation.

Pricing, writing, ordering, deadlines and support

The support team was another sad thing about this site. You will not be able to contact them via chat without registering. So the site is not an option for those who are in the rush: you will fail all the deadlines waiting for the support’s response. But, if you are a registered user, you can interact directly with your writer. But remember, nothing will keep him answering your questions immediately. I cannot say anything about the price because of their “personal approach”, but I had to pay $60 for my essay with the 3 days deadline. I have to admit the price is rather good among other services.

The system works this way: you place an order and the writers set up their own prices and you choose the best one. And every writer tells you that your assignment is a piece of cake, and there are no problems with it at all. It is not very nice when you get 20 people writing similar suggestions and begin you to choose them. I was not sure if there was anyone really handy with my field of science. As for the quality of the paper, I was not really satisfied with my essay. I have ordered a higher level of writing. My writer got me a simple-styled writing that would make a high school student laugh. Moreover, there were a lot of side mistakes, not very essential, but completing the aftertaste.

To order or not to order?

That is not a question, at least for me. I did not like the service. I see it can become better, but I do not believe that such way of working with writers is the best one. I can suppose it can be good for simple papers, but I would never entrust a coursework to these writers. I am sorry to end this writemyeayonline.com review with such words, but I would find something better next time.