Review – do they rule the market? Find it out in my review.

When you think about a high quality academic writing service, you always keep in mind three criteria – prices, support tam service and the papers it writes for you. I decided to apply these measures to the one of the most popular custom writing websites – Here is the result of the test!

How the site works

The design of the site is lousy. I am sorry to begin this SuperiorPapers review with the negative, but it is true. It seems the site builders did not bother with the fonts and colors. The site looks like a boring governmental site (some of them are prettier than this one) and it affects the interest of the possible client. The second problem is the content – there are a lot of side links and unnecessary paragraphs in the site so do not get lost! I believe they had to put so much information for passing the search engine barriers. Some words about calling to action. They have got too many banners that make you ordering NOW. Moreover, the online chat window starts chatting with you from time to time and sending you standard phrases. It is very annoying, so in five minutes of surfing I was one step from shutting down my computer.

The testimonials do not save the situation: I cannot find the evidence that the real members wrote them, so I do not believe them. Social networks buttons does not save the situation, the activity of the company there is quite low. Finally, I have found some trustworthy opinions on other sites, and they were not corresponding with the testimonials. One more advice to site owners – do not use so much stock image, they do not look good. If you are willing to find some tips for beginning writers, search the other way. This site does not have any blog or tips section, it is strongly oriented on making money.


The pricing and service policy of the site

The prices of the company are not really high, but I still cannot tell they are low enough. You will need to pay from $20 to $58 for one page of an essay. The deadlines’ range starts from 2 months (only for dissertations) and ends with 3 hours. The biggest time you can order for an essay is 10 days. I had a question about coursework being written also within 10 days.
Isn’t it a really difficult paper that needs some time for research and composing? I cannot believe SuperiouPapers can handle it in so little time. As for the discounts, they offer a $20 discount on the first order. No matter how big is your total price, you will save only this sum. As for the returning customers, they have got two kinds of memberships – ruby and diamond, which means that you will get 10% and 15% discounts correspondently. The company will write for you the regular number of different academic papers (essays, thesis, research papers and proposals, analysis) and assignment papers (CVs, essays, critiques, and resumes). Also, they will charge additional money for extra services: VIP support, top writer working for you, proofreading. I had too many critical questions concerning these offers, so I did not pay for them. According to the guarantees of the site you will get such options:
1) 100% unique paper;
2) Confidentiality of all your actions;
3) Safe money transactions;
4) Free revisions;
5) Paper will be delivered on time
All in all, the regulations are same to other sites.

Was the paper from the company successful?

I had ordered a complex essay on psychology with my special tasks. I was luck and the writer got the point and followed my instructions. However, the paper was a little bit lousy – it lacked some arguments and style. At least, there were no mistakes. I asked for a revision and got a new paper in a day. It was good. I think my case is not unique, but there are many people who are not happy with the site.

What are the conclusions?

The site has got many problems, but mostly they concern the design and pricing policy. I liked the writing quality, so I will return to them in case I need something simple. As for the serious tasks, I will try to find another service.