A smart view on the custom writing company

This is a story of my acquaintance with the writing site called It is a pretty nice website, but not without some defects I will describe later. Saying honestly, I have never heard about it before I found it looking for my next assignment writer.

Beginning: what you can find on the site

The web page looks rather pleasant. It is not built in aggressive style, and everything seems to be okay from the first sight. But soon you understand that these guys are really obsessed with SEO. You will find a lot of similar pages that describe different services. Every page contains a lot of senseless paragraphs, the whole meaning of which is able to fit into two-three sentences. However, at least they tried to make all information that concerns purchasing clear: you will
find everything you need about guarantees and ordering. Just do not get lost among all these search engine oriented pages.

A little plus: you will find some tips about writing any type of academic writing on the site; however, there is no unique information: everything can be easily found without assistance on the web. You can get in touch with customer support team and they will help you, at least they will try.


What is their pricing policy and the service?

When you enter the pricing page, you will see a standard table describing how prices depend on academic level and deadline. Also, there is a simple price calculator. I was a little bit amazed that the maximum deadline they provide you with is 1 month for complicated papers and only 14 days for easy papers. However, I have asked about it a support manager and he
told me that if I had a complicated order, they would discuss it with me in a personal way. It is convenient, but it probably should be on the site. Among the services, you can find a standard set of academic papers every site makes. But, I have not found any information about proofreading and editing. A price for a page of a high school essay is $10 (14 days) and $25 (for 8 hours). I have not found any welcome bonuses, but they have got discounts for regular customers.

Ordering and the quality of papers they write

The order form is just standard: there is anything outstanding. I have passed three steps and faced a portion of disappointment. They do not allow you to communicate with the writer directly by any means. Surely, it affected the quality of the paper. I know that because I am writing this SmartWritingService review after getting a mark for the paper. The essay I have got from them was plain. I have not felt any quality or talent of the writer, and, moreover, I began doubting his English origins. There were so many grammatical mistakes that I requested a revision. The support team balked a little, but in a day they sent me a re-mastered paper. They have removed the majority of mistakes, but the essence of the essay was not found. The writer seemed to be an amateur in literature, but not a professional, as they claimed.

Pros, cons and conclusions

Let’s sum up all my impressions about and decide if the site is trustworthy:
1.) A site’s pretty look that calms you and does not force you to buy something immediately;
2.) Reasonable prices;
3.) Wide range of academic writing;
4.) Possibility to discuss complicated orders before paying;
5.) Bonuses for returning customers;
6.) Free plagiarism checking tool;

1) A lot of unnecessary info on the site;
2) Polite, but not trustworthy and very dumb support team;
3) Questionable deadlines, no swift and long-term options;
4) No possibility to chat with writer or choose him personally;
5) No editing or proofreading services (at least I have not found them there);
6) Lack of writers’ professionalism;
7) No welcoming bonuses;
I think SmartWritingservice can help you only with simple papers, like essays. I would be afraid to order something really important from them. Also, this is not a site that can be used as a last hope service: they will get you an essay at least in 8 hours. I think next time I will find something better.