My experience with essay writing site

A month ago I had got too many assignments and several essays to write. I understood that I would not complete them all in time by any means and I had to provide my profs with essays in 2 days. That’s why I began looking for unusual websites. Almost immediately I found PayForEssay company and I am going to describe it in my review.

How do I see the service?

For the first time, its lousy appearance almost warded me off going further. The site looked cheap and it was difficult to navigate. I think you will agree with me if I say that every essay writing company should make its site looking brilliant. The competition is rather big in this section of the market. However, I was in a real hurry, so I continued examining it.
One of the advantages of this company was the presence of advices on writing, the ability to count your order before paying for it. The prices were rather high, but still reasonable for a writing service. You will need to pay around $22 for one page if you want to get a good paper. I cannot recommend anybody choosing the lowest quality level; the paper will be too plain and simple even for beginners’ school. I was happy to see the tips about writing. They may be in use for those who want to make their own papers.
Sadly, I haven’t noticed any social networks activity on the site, so I could not believe the testimonials they wrote about themselves. Another moment that ruined the opinion about the site is the absence of qualitative support. It seems that the site was not updated from the invention. It is very sad, because the company seems to be one of the oldest (at least they claim they are with us from 1997) and I was expecting much more from them.


The paper I got from this site

By the way, if you try to ask support for help or find where they get the writers, you will fail again. There is no online chat, you can only send an e-mail to them. So do not count on immediate service. Speaking of their writers, I do not think they have got them only from English speaking countries. So, here are the most significant problems with my paper:
1) My master has made some mistakes that a person who constantly lives in the US cannot afford.
2) The paper I have got was a little bit plagiarized, so I changed some sentences for making it more unique.
3) It lacked some very useful information and evidence
4) The style of a paper did not correspond with academic writing, there were too much excessive information and the sentences were too confusing and long.
5) The paper referred to many poor resources.
All at all, I got C for the paper; the mark was low because of some plagiarism and mistakes. Well, it was not the result I hoped for, but, as they say, do not look a gift horse in the mouth. I asked for a revision, got several, but they did not make too much. I managed to raise the mark to B, but was still unhappy.

What is the result?

To sum all my thoughts up in this PayForEssay review, I think this site is not bad at all, but it cannot be used for getting the best results. It cannot be called the site of the last hope, because the write will definitely fail your expectations. I cannot recommend this site for people with serious assignments and those who have not tough nerves. However, if you are not short in money and time, you can use this site, as some people say it is rather good and trustworthy. I think I was unlucky, like a half of other users, so my decision is: I used it once, but I think next time I will find something more comfortable for me. If the guys from update their site and hire more professional writers, they will be able to attract more customers.