Review – do they get the point?

When you see the site with such name, you think that this is the exact company you need, as everybody need affordable papers. However, do they say the truth? Read this my review that describes the experience with this company and deicide if you need to order from them.

What do I think about the appearance of the website?

Well, the company has got a very unusual site. The design of the site is minimalistic, not bright and mostly does not have any images. You will find a lot of content there and I cannot say you will need it all. Mostly they have got links and articles for a better search engine optimization. Especially for me it is a first sign of the site’s bad reputation.

As I already told, a lot of excessive content will not let you surfing the site well. They do not have a separate services page, so you need to get to the order or prices page to see what they can write for you. They have got a free plagiarism checking feature on the site, and it is quite pleasant. I was expecting much of a blog they got, but I discovered that it has not been updated from 2013. Some articles you can find there are interesting, but I wanted more. The others reflect the lack of writers’ professionalism.

What do people think about the site?

I cannot say anything good about their testimonials page – it is full of unbelievable gratitude statements and only five+ marks. Sadly, I have not discovered any connection with social networks. However, the information I was able to find says that people are likely not to believe this site – the affordable prices often lead to low-quality papers. Many of they ask for refunds, and it is a bad sign.


What is their pricing policy?

It is the heart of my AffordablePapers review – the prices for their help. I have to admit that they are really low – if we compare them with other sites. You will have to pay from $9 to $32 for the page of an essay, depending on the quality and the deadline. Deadlines depend on the length of the paper (you can count on 1 month deadline with an order for more than 30 pages) and are not very comfortable. As it was already said, the 1-month deadline is the biggest, and I do not believe that they will handle with a full dissertation within 30 days. As for the minimum – they offer 8 hours, which is longer than some sites can offer. They will write a paper using three quality levels – school, college and university. I hope the last one covers PhD and Mater’s level.

What are their papers?

I had to have an essay on philosophy, so I asked for the highest quality, passed all needed literature and highlighted the most important parts. However, such attention from my side did not help the writer. I had got a plain paper with a lack of proves and citations and rather poor language. I had a strong feeling that a foreign student of the first grade had written it for me. I tried to ask for a revision, but the support was not reachable. Even with the sign “now online” I had to wait for too long for answers. They refused to make a revision for me, claiming that the paper was OK.

What are the conclusions?

1) I cannot recommend this site to anyone.
2) The site is too old and there is evidence that it is looked after.
3) Prices are low, but the quality of writing is not high either.
4) The support team is bad, they are not 24/7 and rather rude.
5) The site is money wasting, you can find much better ones easily.
6) If they fire the majority of writes and invest into the site, they will get a good working money making machine.